How To Carry Heavy Books When Moving House

In this DIY video, we'll show you the easy way to carry heavy books when moving.

Moving house is always a massive undertaking, especially when it comes to packing all your possessions into boxes. Books in particular can pose a big challenge as they're heavy and most of us have a lot of them filling our bookshelves.

If you pack books into a cardboard box, there's a good chance the box will break unless it's reinforced. Plus, a box of books is quite heavy to carry, especially if you're moving a lot of them.

Instead, pack books into wheeled suitcases. The suitcases are strong and won't fall apart like a cardboard box, plus the wheels make them easy to move around. 
The best option is to use a suitcase with four wheels, as they're easier to move, especially when full.

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