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Installing a new door is a fast and cheap way to spruce up your home. A new entry door will make the front of your house look fresher while new internal doors...


Charlie Albone Silver-Gilt Chelsea Flower Show 2015
Charlie Albone in his entry 'The Time In Between' at the Chelsea Flower Show

Despite being the kiss of death when it comes to plants, I dream of creating a beautiful, lush garden that’s full of flowers, fruits and vegies. While it’s a bit of a pipe dream for now, considering the large number of cacti, succulents and desk plants I’m responsible for sending to an early grave, I still love looking for inspiration in the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show entries. 


How To Create A Fairy Garden In A Pot
“Every body knows there’s fairies in the garden. If you just stay still and look long enough in the right places you’re sure to find them.   In our...


Japanese maple with red flowers falling to the ground

Fallen leaves of Japanese maple create an attractive carpet of colour in autumn

As the name suggests, these maples are native to Japan, growing as understorey trees in forests and the edges of woodlands.    Treasured for...