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Handyman magazine, DIY, Build a Timber Stool,
A sturdy stool is useful around the house for reaching high shelves or cupboards and can also do duty as a footrest or kid’s seat.   This walnut stool stands just over 300mm high with a 255 x 355mm top made from two 115 x 19mm boards.   The top is secured to a base of curved intersecting legs made from 140 x 19mm timber boards.  


Handyman Magazine,DIY, 7 Epic Backyard Cabins From Around the Web
  We love backyard cabins here at Handyman magazine. They are a great way to add extra living space without having to renovate the main house, they are cost effective and are just plain cool. We like cabins so much we started a board on Pinterest aptly named: Awesome Backyard Cabins.   


Do you have an outdoor area you’d like to cover up or a spot that needs more privacy?   A timber screen is a cost effective, durable and decorative...


A handful of mulch from the garden

Rich, nutrient-filled leaf mould adds body to your soil and needs only fallen leaves, moisture and time to make. Image: Getty Images

Autumn leaves aren’t just pretty, they’re full of essential minerals for your garden.   The problem is they fall in such numbers that they can...