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Did you know the leaves of this famous sunflower are edible?

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How To Carve A Halloween Pumpkin, Handyman magazine
There is some contention as to when and where the practice of making Jack-o’-lanterns originated, but there is evidence that humans have been carving vegetables for thousands of years.  And today, pumpkin carving has evolved into something of an...


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Make the most of your garden by following these simple guidelines to companion planting. Simply...


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If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, or if you’re getting into the spirit of the holiday, why not create your own spooky snacks at home...


Ray’s Pool Revamp
Ray Saunders pool was difficult to maintain. Nearby plants dropped lots of leaves into it and the straw roof of the gazebo had deteriorated over the years so even bits of straw would end up in the pool.   Says Ray, ‘The original...