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Built-In BBQ Bench
Create an outdoor kitchen DIY with a custom-made cabinet for a hooded barbie, side burner and bar fridge.  The covered verandah on the back of this Sydney home was built as part of a major reno, where half the house was demolished to make way...


15 DIY Projects You Can Do This Long Weekend
Looking to dedicate time to DIY this long weekend? From easy to ambitious, we've compiled a list of...


kids herb garden

In this DIY video, we show you how to plant a bowl of herbs with the kids.   Keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays with...


Clean the Barbecue
There’s nothing worse than opening up the barbecue to find the hotplate and grill are still encrusted with the greasy remnants of last summer’s meals. Barbies should be cleaned after every use and deep-cleaned yearly. To...