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Build Leaning Shelves
Create simple but decorative vertical storage using lengths of plywood and pine.  At first glance, this lightweight ladder-like shelving looks like it might topple over, but it’s actually very stable and sturdy. The legs are cut at a 10º angle...


Raspberry And Passionfruit Sponge Roll
This light, almost fat-free whisked sponge is ideal for a weeknight dessert. The kids will love...


Make a drill guide from offcuts

It can be tricky to accurately drill perfectly horizontal holes in a vertical surface, like a fence post or wall. In this DIY video, we show you how...


Attract Birds To Your Garden
Birds can be assets in the garden. They assist in pollination, aid in pest control and are generally pleasing to the eye and ears, if you are a fan of birdsong, that is.  1. Add native shrubs Plant grevilleas, kangaroo paws...