I was recently invited to an onsite demonstration of a brand new line of lawn mowers that were pitched as being not just a lawn mower, but a furry-friend dodging, grass-grooming marvel of modern technology.

According to the specs, the WORX LANDROID® Vision is the world’s first advanced AI, “unbox & mow” robot lawn mower. “No wire. No satellite. No beacons. No time between unboxing and mowing.”

Using a combination of HRD camera, the latest AI smarts and a deeply trained neural network to identify grass to mow and obstacles to avoid, it features the innovative “Cut-to-Edge” function, multi-zone management and adaptive auto-scheduling. Plus an optional LED headlight safe night-mowing (apparently, unlike conventional robots, Vision sees nocturnal animals and stays away from them).

But the real test for me was always going to be: how would something like the Vision get along with my dog, Rosie? I was offered the chance to try out one of the mowers for a few weeks, and so I jumped at it.

But let’s talk about Rosie for a moment. Now, this little ball of fur thinks she’s the queen of the backyard. She zooms around like a tiny tornado, and honestly I think she believes the grass is her personal chew toy. So, when I introduced the LANDROID into the mix, I was half expecting chaos and half hoping for a miracle.

Lo and behold, this mower is not just a lawn whisperer; it’s a puppy ninja. The WORX LANDROID has some sort of superpower in its sensors, allowing it to detect my pup’s presence and skilfully manoeuvre around her. It was like watching a graceful dance between technology and canine curiosity.

For the duration of the test, Rosie basically appointed herself as the official supervisor of lawn maintenance, proudly watching from a safe distance (and sometimes not so safe) as the LANDROID worked its magic.

But let’s not forget about the real star of the show: the lawn itself. The LANDROID doesn’t just dodge around obstacles; it trims with precision, leaving my yard looking like a freshly coiffed celebrity. It’s like having a personal stylist for my grass – one that never sleeps.

And the best part? I get to sit back, relax and sip my lemonade while the LANDROID does all the heavy lifting (or should I say, mowing). It’s like having a reliable little garden gnome, except this one runs on electricity and has impeccable dodging skills.

So if you want a lawn mower that’s not only efficient but also entertaining, look no further than the WORX LANDROID Vision. It’s the perfect blend of technology, pet sensitivity and grass-grooming prowess. Plus, it’s the only mower I know that can outmanoeuvre a puppy – and that is definitely something to bark about.

Images: Alex Cracknell