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We show you how to make a DIY cookbook holder in 10 seconds
Don’t you hate it when you try and reheat a pizza in the microwave and it turns out soggy and floppy? Say goodbye to sad leftovers forever with this handy kitchen tip. Simply place the pizza on a plate, put it in the microwave and add a ...
We show you how to check the power stayed on while you were on holiday. Unsure if the food in your freezer is safe to eat after returning from a trip? Be sure with this handy tip!
Hate bulky, expensive icepacks that end up leaking mystery goo? Make your own in minutes using dollar store sponges. Just wet a sponge then pop it in a zip lock bag, then freeze. Too easy!
Don’t you hate when you find out all you have left is warm beer? Unless you like drinking warm brew, it’s a long wait for it to reach ice cold perfection, especially on a warm day. To cool the bottle of beer quickly, wrap it in paper ...
We show you how to make a paint tray last a lifetime.
Clean gutters using old kitchen utensils to get the job done quickly and keep your hands scratch-free
This clever tip will keep a screw attached to the screwdriver even in tricky places
Reheat a slice of pizza to perfection using this simple kitchen hack
Prevent cables from coming unplugged using this clever DIY video tip
Here's a quick, mess-free way to remove the leaves and calyx from a strawberry using a drinking straw