The Ultimate Kitchen Storage Trolley Build In 5 Steps

Plywood and aluminium give this unit a modern edge.

The Ultimate Kitchen Storage Trolley Build

This pigeonhole unit is good for storing art equipment or being used as a dining servery.

It’s comprised of nine individual boxes made from 9.5mm plywood, butt joined using yellow PVA adhesive and 15mm brads driven with an electric nailer or by hand.

An outside joining layer of the same plywood thickens the walls, adding strength and stability.

For a modern finish we chose the medium tone and interesting grain of 9.5mm Fijian cedar plywood from Mister Ply&Wood (, about $315 for 3.5 2400mm sheets.

Have it cut to size by the supplier for fast, accurate assembly.

Using aluminium
Using aluminium

Aluminium flat bar positioned along the edges contrasts with the plywood and disguises the joins. Cut the aluminium using a mitre saw with a metal cutting blade, or use a timber cutting blade lubricated with a spray of WD-40.

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