Twine Christmas Decorations

Do something a little different with your décor this Christmas and make decorations out of twine. It’s a cheap, easy and super cool way to get your house looking festive this season.  
Make a floating Christmas tree out of balls of twine attached to removable hangers.
You’ll need Command Mini Hooks with clear strips that hold 225g each, about $14 (
Make a template by marking the outline of a tree shape on the wall using painter’s tape.
Roll jute and coloured twine into 50mm balls, thread the twine ends through small plastic rings then secure to the ball with hot glue.
Measure the distance between the balls on the wall, allowing about 100mm in between.
Follow the packet instructions to attach the hooks on the marked positions. Hang the balls on the hooks by the rings and remove the tape.
use masking tape to make a template of a christmas tree on a wall
Make a template by marking the outline of a tree shape on the wall using painter’s tape.

twine wreath hanging on a door
Make a wreath made of twine 

Make a colourful wreath to hang on an internal door by decorating a foam ring with balls of twine.
You’ll need a 340mm polystyrene wreath base, about $6, from a supplier like Craft 4 Less (
To make the balls, use Grunt twine in different colours and thicknesses, about $4 a roll (
Secure the balls to the wreath base with generous amounts of hot glue, handling the gun carefully to avoid burns, then attach a hanger.
Step 1. Roll twine into balls

Roll the twine into balls, making four different sizes and securing the ends with hot glue. For a 340mm wreath you will need about seven 100mm, 20 x 80mm, 10 x 50mm and 15 x 30mm balls.

Step 2. Attach the balls

Attach the balls to the foam wreath using a hot glue gun, starting with the 100mm balls. Add the 80 and the 50mm balls, filling any gaps with the 30mm. Let it dry then glue a jute hanger to the back of the wreath.


For these projects you will need a foam wreath, a hot glue gun, clear Command hanging hooks, twine, measuring tape and painters tape.

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