Turn A Door Into A Coffee Table

  • a coffee table that used to be a door

Recycle a bedroom door into a coffee table with storage.

Decorate on a budget by turning a door into a coffee table. For an easy painted finish choose a primecote (pre-primed) door. For a natural-finish table, select a door in a timber you like. Doors vary is size so measure the actual thickness of the frame of the door before buying 19 x 27mm timber. If you can’t get 19 x 27mm timber, buy 19 x 42mm and trim it down. The finished table measures 820 x 820 x 500mm.

Step 1. Cut the components

Cut the door using a circular saw guided by a straight edge. You will need two pieces 820 x 820mm, one piece 820 x 195mm and two pieces 392 x 195mm. Cut the 27 x 19mm pine braces into six pieces 780mm long. Plane one end to a chisel point to make skidding them inside the door easier.

Step 2. Remove honeycomb

Cut away the internal honeycomb of the door to a depth of about 25mm. Apply yellow glue to the edges of the braces and slide into the door. Put one piece in the centre and one at either edge to align with the screws of the leg plate. Repeat for the top and bottom of the table.

Step 3. Fixing the leg plates

Attach leg plates to the base corners, aligning so the mounting hole is 35mm from the table edge. Fill the open edges of the table top and base by gluing in pieces of pine. Clamp with G-clamps.
TIP If the pieces are tapped in too far, partially insert a screw and use pliers to pull back up to position.

Step 4. Add support cleats

Mark the positions of the supporting cleats on the underside of the top and the mirrored position on the upper side of the base. Chisel out a half-lap joint at the junctions of the long and short pieces. Glue and screw the pieces in position.

Step 5. Attach the dividers

Glue and clamp the vertical dividers to the base. Cut notches out of the long piece to sit over the supporting piece. Check that it is square and allow time for the glue to dry before removing clamps. Position on the top of the table, glue and clamp in position.

Step 6. Add the legs

Drill a 60mm diameter hole in one end of each leg. Use a router to remove the waste to sufficient depth to conceal the leg plate. Screw in the studs using two nuts working against each other. Remove nuts, attach legs to the table, sand and paint.

Click on the diagram

Follow the labelled diagram to turn a door into a coffe table. It has the name of all the parts and the measurements to help you cut the components and assemble the table.

Click on the cutting list

Follow the cutting list to turn a door into a coffee table. It has the name of all the parts and the measurements to help you cut the components and assemble the table.  

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