Transform Interiors With Colour

Follow our expert advice on how to choose the right interior paint colours for your home.

Transform Interiors With Colour

Forget what you’ve always believed about paint and start bringing your home to life.

When it comes to buying paint for the interior of our homes, most of us look longingly at the bright swatches yet leave with a few tins of off-white. Neutrals work with everything, right?

Interior designer and Taubmans ambassador Shaynna Blaze says no.

Shaynna says neutrals have their place, but on every wall and in every house, the only effect is boring.

"Creams, beiges and off-whites homogenise the decor and don’t make the most of the beautiful things you have, be it furniture, art or textiles," she said.

"For a really liveable, comfortable home that makes you feel good every time you open the door, integrating colour is essential.

"We are all naturally attracted to certain colours but fear of making a mistake often stops us applying the shades we love to our walls.

"To create a colourful interior you just need to understand a few simple rules."

Think like a designer
Think like a designer
Handyman Magazine

Take the time to learn these three principles of design and you’ll be well on your way to understanding the basics of colour coordination for a fearless approach to trying it at home.

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