Paint Metal Furniture

  • Paint Metal Furniture, AFTER
  • Paint Metal Furniture , BEFORE

Coats of paint on metal furniture will flake and peel after a few years of wear and tear and exposure to sun and rain. 

This furniture set had multiple layers of paint, which were peeling to reveal the many colours it had been painted over the years. 

While removing flaking paint is essential, intricate designs make it harder to strip. 

Coating the metal with a bonding agent seals any flaking paint and rust to create a clean surface ready for painting.

Step 1. Remove flaking paint

Remove flaking paint and rust from all surfaces with a wire brush, focusing on all joints and corners, then wipe down with a clean cloth.

Step 2. Apply bonding agent

Apply a bonding agent such as Penetrol to all surfaces, including the underside of seats and tabletops, and allow to dry in the shade.

Step 3. Finish the metal

Finish the metal with two coats of exterior gloss enamel. Use spray paint on intricate designs, holding
the can 300mm from the surface

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