Make A Surfboard Bench

Turn an old windsurfing board into a tiki-style bench for poolside seating

surfboard bench, DIY

Recycle an old surfboard by turning it into an eye-catching bench

DIYers love to give old items a new purpose. Handyman reader Geoff Pearce turned an old piece of sporting equipment into a handy and unique outdoor bench.
‘We needed a seat by the swimming pool but I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the shops,’ says Geoff.
‘I was at the local tip one weekend where I spotted this old windsurfing board in perfectly good condition and inspiration struck. I built a supporting frame for the board out of treated pine and applied a timber stain. The tiki-style design on the legs is my own.
‘Altogether this cool looking bench cost me less than $50 to make and is a great addition to our pool area. Sturdy, unusual and definitely a one-off.’
Geoff's surfboard bench is a great idea for anyone who has an old surfboard lying around. The project is relatively easy and will give any backyard a unique twist. 
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