Make A Geometric Headboard

  • Make A Geometric headboard

A headboard anchors a bed in a space, adding dimension and providing a backdrop for a pillow arrangement. 

To give an ensemble or low-framed bed the visual impact of a bedhead, create one on the wall with wallpaper. 

We used Highbury from the Art Decor collection. The geometric shape works for curved and straight edges while the dramatic black and glitter embellishments add glamour. 

Measure the bed to draw a paper template, adding 100mm extra to each side. Mark a line to bisect the template, then cut it out. 

Step 1. Cut out the paper

Mark two lengths of wallpaper to the width of the bedhead and cut out. Position the lengths right side
up on a flat surface and top each with a paper template. Trace the templates with a marker pen and cut out with scissors and a utility knife. Match up the pattern on the joining edges.

Step 2. Apply the paste

Use tape to temporarily attach the paper templates to the wall and lightly mark the bedhead shape with a pencil. Mix the paste in a plastic tub and apply to the wall within the marked outlines of the base template using
a paintbrush then hang the wallpaper, smoothing it in position.

Step 3. Paper the bedhead

Apply the paste to the wall above the bedhead base and hang the curved top, making sure the cut edges butt
up against each other and the pattern lines up. Brush paste under the paper where the bedhead curves at the top, pressing it down by hand. Smooth the paper with a rubber roller or brayer.

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