Make A DIY Coat-Rack Using Pegboard

  • Make A DIY Coat Rack Using Pegboard

Every kid’s room needs a coat rack to hang hats, scarves, bags and jackets. But instead of plain wall hooks, make a faux pegboard and hang it on the wall, adding customised hooks painted in bright colours.

It’s as easy as drilling holes in a sheet of plywood and making hooks from dowel and bun feet. 

Make only about five hooks to avoid overloading the rack and so you can move them into different configurations, leaving some low enough for little arms to reach.

DESIGN TIP Designing bedroom storage means you can make functional pieces do double duty as decorative features. 

DIY TIP Cut a single sheet of plywood to size with a circular saw or use a jigsaw to make curved shapes.

DIY Pegboard, coat-rack,
Turn furniture feet into colourful coat-rack hangers

Step 1. Prepare the panel

Cut a 1220 x 610 x 12mm plywood panel to 900 x 600mm using a jigsaw or circular saw. Measure and mark a 100mm grid on the plywood using
a straightedge and a pencil. Use a drill and a 19mm spade bit to make holes at each intersection of the marked grid.

Step 2. Make the hooks

Cut 19mm dowel into 100mm lengths using a handsaw, sanding the rough edges. Drill 3mm pilot holes to 10mm deep in each dowel using a twist bit. Apply acrylic paint to the top or side of each bun foot using a paintbrush, then leave to dry.

Step 3. Finish the rack

Insert the dowels into the large holes on the bun feet, securing through the small holes using 8-15 x 40mm white buttonhead screws. Install the hooks in the panel, then wall-mount it using picture hanging strips rated to take the weight of the rack with items on it.

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