Install A Screen Door

  • Install A Screen Door

Install a screen door to add an extra element of security to your home and keep insects and rodents at bay. 

Measure the width and height of the door opening in the jamb to determine the door size needed. 

Screen doors are available to buy in standard imperial and metric sizes to match most existing types of doorframe. 

Next decide whether your door will be hinged on the left or right side when viewed from the outside. 

Most screen doors are hinged on the right but the existing hardware may be the determining factor, if the handles from both doors clash. 

If that is the case, screen doors are usually reversible with the lock body simply turned upside down.

Step 1. Position the door

Decide which side to hinge the screen door then position it, with hinges closed, in the doorframe. Adjust the door, leaving about 3mm clearance on all sides with extra gap at the base if needed, then secure with small timber wedges or spacers.

Step 2. Make hinge rebates

Use a pencil to mark the hinge positions on the frame then remove the screen door. Open the hinges and align them with the pencil marks. Mark the outline of the hinges and screw holes. Cut the hinge rebate to a depth of 2mm using a 25mm chisel.

Step 3. Hang the door

Drill 1.5mm pilot holes at the marked screw hole positions then secure the screen door at each hinge position with one screw only. Check the door opens and closes freely and sits correctly in the frame then secure the remaining screws into the hinges.

Step 4. Fit the handle

Point the handles towards the door hinges and, with the snib in the up position, fit the interior handle to the inside of the screen door. Insert the square connecting rod through the lock body and fit the outside handle, securing with two screws.

Step 5. Insert lock cylinder

Put the key in the lock and check the cam rotation. Leave the key and insert the cylinder into the lock body and secure with the supplied screw. Push the auxiliary bolt in to release the main bolt, turn the snib to horizontal and check the key works.

Step 6. Attach striker plate

Close the door and mark the position of the main bolt on the jamb. Position the striker plate on the marks and run a pencil around the inside and outside of the plate. Rebate the inside rectangle with a chisel to a depth of 18mm then secure with screws.

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