How To Undo Cable Ties Without Cutting Them

Use the tip of a blade to pop open cable ties so you can re-use them again later

How To Undo Cable Ties Without Cutting Them

Cable ties or zip ties are one of the easiest ways to temporarily secure just about anything to anything else, but the trouble is that once they're tightened, they're almost impossible to undo without cutting them off.

This can be problematic if you want to re-use a cable tie, or if you tied it in the wrong place to begin with. 

However, there is a way you can undo a cable tie without cutting it. All you need is a knife with a sharp tip.

Instead of cutting through the cable, insert the tip of the blade into the head of the cable tie between the tape and the tab, known as the pawl.

With the tip in place and the tab disengaged, pull the cable tie to loosen it and eventually undo the cable tie completely. 

You can then reuse the cable tie, which is very beneficial if you're using larger, expensive cable ties.

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