How To Plant A Hanging Basket


Create a planter basket to hang from the eaves of your home adding additional greenery

We show you how to pot up plants in hanging baskets and hang them on a balcony.
“I’m going to hang some planter baskets from the eaves. Lets first get the baskets ready. When potting plants I first like to get everything ready. Water the plants first. That way they’re easier to get out of the pots and it’s less stress on the roots. 
For the basket, I’ve chosen one with a coconut lining. And with the potting mix, you’ve invested money in the plants, so why not in the potting mix. This one has a soil wetting agent and controlled release fertiliser. Before you cut in, remember to put your mask on.
Once you’ve got that in, flatten it out and we’re going to dig a little well. That’s where our plant is going to go. Now when you’re putting the potting mix in, don’t take it any higher than the potting mix was in the pot. Just there’s enough. Also don’t pack it in too tight. You want the roots to be able to breath. 
Once the potting mix is in, I’m going to give it a good water in, then put a good layer of mulch around the top. Because hanging baskets dry out so fast. Mulch is going to act like an insulator and keep the moisture in. 
Before you start drilling in, decide where you’re going to want the baskets to hang. They’re heavy so you’re going to have to screw them into something solid. 
A good tip, look for the nails holding the fibro sheeting onto the ceiling, because right behind them is going to be a rafter. I’ve marked my spot on the ceiling and now I’m going to drill it. Use your fingers to get it started. When it gets tight, switch over to using a pair of vice grips to finish it off.”
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