How Not To Paint: 10 Hilarious Painting Fails

Painting Fails

You'll want to avoid these 10 disasters when you paint your own home. Learn from these readers' painting mistakes and have a laugh.

1. Paneful Painting Project
1. Paneful Painting Project

I thought it would save time to paint our new double-hung windows before installation.

While painting, I ran out of space to set them for drying.

Then I had a brilliant idea: Why not lay them out on the lawn to dry and let the sun hasten the process?

Well, my idea seemed to work great; the paint dried quickly. But when I started to pick them up from the lawn, my joy quickly turned to disappointment as I noticed the scorched lawn beneath.

The windows had acted like a miniature greenhouse.

Now I have 19 distinct rectangles burned into my lawn!

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