How To Make Herb Vinegar

How To Make Herb Vinegar

Vinegars infused with homegrown herbs are a tasty addition to recipes and salad dressings. In this blog we share 3 easy herb vinegar recipes.

To retain the flavour, store herb vinegars in a cool, dark place. Wine vinegars vary greatly in price and quality, so buy the best you can afford.

Rice Vinegar With Coriander
Rice Vinegar With Coriander


3 fresh kaffir lime leaves
4 slices galangal,each 5mm thick
2 cloves garlic
15-20 fresh coriander leaves
1 cup rice wine vinegar

Step 1

Bruise the lime leaves, galangal and garlic by hitting them with the flat of a knife. Put in a clean 250ml bottle with the coriander leaves, then pour
in the vinegar.

Step 2

Leave for 3-4 days to allow the flavours to develop.

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