How To Install A Side Gate

  • How To Install A Side Gate, after
  • How To Install A Side Gate , BEFORE

This property had a driveway that accessed a rear garage, and the owners wanted to secure this area while still providing easy access. 

Protector Aluminium have a range of versatile screening products. 

Slats or louvres, fixed or adjustable, there are a host of applications for these products around the home that can provide both security and privacy.

Our solution was to create a pair of 1.8m high gates using fixed louvres secured to a box frame made using gate corners and posts. 

This is a simple modular system and Protector can provide custom solutions for any site, then supply them ready to go. Or you can grab it all at Bunnings and knock them up yourself as we did. 

All the extra bits and pieces like hinges, latches and screws are right there on the shelves. 

Drill deep 

Put a piece of tape on your drill bit to mark the depth of the screw holes. As a bonus, the tape will sweep the hole as you drill.


Step 1. Cut material

Slats, louvres, framing materials and posts can be cut easily with an angle grinder or aluminium blade on a powersaw.

Step 2. Make gates

We created 1.8m high gates using fixed louvres set in a frame made with Easy Screen Gate Corners and 50 x 50mm posts.

Step 3. Hang gates

The louvre gates were hung between the house and the existing steel side fence by attaching them to posts.

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