How to Hang a Flatscreen TV

  • How to Hang a Flatscreen TV

For a better home-cinema experience, hang a TV on the wall. Brackets can cost from about $40 to more than $300, depending on how much adjustment they offer.
For a fixed solution choose a universal wall mounting system that consists of a wall bracket and two vertical rails that secure to the back of the TV with machine screws. 
Wall mounting systems come with all fasteners, including coachscrews for securing to timber studs and masonry anchors for brick walls. Be aware that with internal masonry walls there is nowhere to hide wires.
TIP If securing to plasterboard walls, manufacturers recommend that the wall bracket is secured to studs.

Step 1. Mark the TV position

Allow for at least two securing points into wall studs and considering the viewing angle, power and antenna outlets. Use painter’s tape to make an outline of the casing.

Step 2. Secure the arms

Remove the screws from the four attachment points on the back of the TV. Position the mounting arms with the hooks right way up and attach each arm with two screws and washers.

Step 3. Mark drilling points

Measure from the top of the TV to the arm hooks to determine the mounting plate location, use a spirit level to position the plate and mark four drilling points at the top plus two at the base.

Step 4. Add mounting plate

Drill 60mm deep holes using a 10mm masonry bit and hammer drill at the marked points. Tap in Ramplugs and position the plate, securing with six 50 x 8mm coachscrews.

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