How To Grow Plants Over A Fence

How To Grow Plants Over A Fence

Growing plants over a fence can conceal an ugly structure or make a decorative fence look even better.

Ensure your fence can support the weight of the plants, as certain climbers like passionfruit vine grow quickly and can become very heavy.

Once plants have reached the desired size, keep them trimmed to stop them escaping out of your garden and avoid complaints from neighbours.

AVOID IVY or other invasive plants, as they can cause damage to brickwork and wooden fences.

SUSPEND CONTAINERS from the top of the fence if there is no suitable space at the base and grow trailing plants. For maximum strength, mount the containers on top of the fence posts.

GROW A HEDGE through a wire mesh fence to provide more security than a stand-alone hedge. Plant photinia or box close to the base and encourage foliage to grow through the gaps.

Pick the right plants - Ivy geranium
Ivy geranium
Handyman Magazine

Long-stemmed ivy geraniums can be trained over a support and feature flowers in spring and summer.

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