Create A Christmas Centrepiece Using Mini Terracotta Pots

Use mini terracotta pots and candles to create a DIY Christmas centrepiece 

Create A Christmas Centrepiece Using Mini Terracotta Pots

Create a little touch of indoor garden magic with just a few pots and plant sprigs 

Create a beautiful Christmas centrepiece for less using everyday garden items like mini terracotta pots and and a wire potting rack. 

This DIY centrepiece looks beautiful on the table and if you use fresh garden cuttings, you will have the added bonus of a lovely scent. 


Materials list 

8 miniature terracotta pots
Poster putty, such as Blu-tack
8 dinner candles, in red and white
1 wire seedling/potting rack, or wire tray
Wire or string (optional)
Fresh sprigs of herbs, evergreens, climbers and berries (use artificial if fresh are unavailable)

Step 1

Press a ball of poster putty into the bottom of each pot. Secure a candle into the poster putty, one per pot. 

Step 2

Place the pots into the wire rack, securing with wire or string if necessary. 

Step 3

Arrange fresh or artificial sprigs of leaves, twigs and berries around the candles in the pots, making sure to include a mixture of colours and textures in each pot. 

Step 4

Once the rack is in place on the table, extend the sprigs and foliage from the rack onto the table, if desired, to complete the centrepiece. 

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Choose red and white candles for a traditional colour sceheme

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