Building A Beautiful Bathroom

Think outside the white box with design inspiration to create a space you’ll love.

Beautiful Bathrooms

The all-white bathroom is a distant memory as homeowners spend increasing amounts on bathroom renovations.

Even the perception of the space has changed.

Bathroom design expert Alan Nasrallah from Smarter Bathrooms ( in Melbourne says it’s all about a luxury feel and creative design.

‘Why stick with white when you can go for it and add some colour? The bathroom used to be seen as an extension of the overall house design, but these days it’s regarded as a space in which you can go bold, or experiment with texture and perspective,’ says Alan.

‘It’s a private room that should reflect exactly how you want to feel and the smaller area means you can afford to add a little luxury, either in a material or a fitting.’

Statement tiles
Statement tiles
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A wall of statement tiles instantly updates the space and adds texture.

Choose matt over gloss for a very modern treatment.

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