A Builder's Worst Nightmare: 10 Of The Weirdest Houses That Defy Logic

10 Of The Strangest Houses

Who says a home has to be conventional? We've scoured the web and found 10 novel homes that prove when it comes to home design, getting weird is an option.

You may love the design of some of these homes, find some outright hilarious, and consider others to be an abomination. That's the great thing about wacky houses, they elicit a different reaction from everyone.

So without further ado, here is our list of ten wacky houses.

1. House Of Bones
1. House Of Bones

Casa Batlló, otherwise known as House of Bones, is a home located in Barcelona, Spain.

The home received its nickname due to the skeleton like quality of its exterior.

The house was built in 1877 but it received its unique design only after a renovation helmed by architect, Antoni Gaudí, in 1904. 

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