Adrian and Tracey’s Deck Build

  •  Adrian and Tracey’s Deck Build, AFTER
  •  Adrian and Tracey’s Deck Build, BEFORE

Tracey Smith and her boyfriend Adrian loved spending time outdoors and decided to make their backyard more appealing.
Says Tracey, ‘Being a chef, I love to cook and wanted to grow vegetables and herbs, but the garden was turning into an overgrown mess.’
‘We dug out all the weeds and revived the soil with fertiliser and mulch. Then we installed a new deck, and built some seating out of the leftover timber for a relaxing retreat area.’
‘Adrian’s an electrician so he was able to hook up the projector for outdoor cinema nights. Our backyard is now beautiful and functional.'

merbau decking, handyman magazine, reader project, DIY deck
Tracey and Adrian used merbau decking, installing lighting and trapdoors for powerpoints as they went


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