Add New Leadlight Windows To Your Front Door

  • Add Leadlight Windows To Your Front Door , After
  • Add Leadlight Windows To Your Front Door , Before

When Handyman contributor, Rachel Smith, bought her house, she asked Sydney-based leadlighting expert Ray Barlow, to revamp her front door with new leadlight windows.

There was space for three windows, consisting of a main panel and two small squares. Ray drew the design  to the actual size, then taped it to the window to choose the colours.

To make the glass panels, Ray cut the coloured pieces to size for each section, then assembled them using lead cames that he soldered together. 

Once the leadlight had been buffed to a shiny finish, the old windows were removed and new ones installed, with the inlay mouldings replaced as well. To finish, the door was given a glossy coat of water-based enamel.

choosing a template for leadlight windows, handyman magazine,
The window’s colours were carefully chosen before any glass was cut

soldering cames, handyman magazine ,
Soldering the cames secures the glass panels 

Painting the door 

The entrance to your home is the first thing visitors see, and faded, peeling paint along with cracked, dated leadlight windows were making a bad first impression.

The first step is to remove the old inlay mouldings and stained glass, then strip and undercoat the door before installing the new leadlight windows.

Finish by painting the door using a water-based enamel, which helps seal the leadlights. Choose a vibrant colour that complements your home’s decor while adding a modern twist.

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