4 Ways To Winterise Your Lawn

Give the grass a little TLC now so it will be lush and green come spring.

4 Ways To Winterise Your Lawn

The lawn, just like virtually everything else in the garden, slows down during winter.

This is hardly surprising with cold, possibly even icy nights, cool soil and shorter days providing less of the sunlight that’s so essential for growth.

It all means that there is the very real potential for your lawn to end up looking the worse for wear.

But with a little bit of warming winter work, you can have it ready to bounce back to life in spring.

1. Mowing
Adam Woodhams

There’s a high chance you’ll only need to mow about once a month, or even less, during winter in many regions.

This is partly because most of the turf grasses we grow are warm-season grasses, meaning their main growth period is in the warmer months.

The big questions are how to tell if you need to mow and how to cut.

When it comes to timing, it’s fairly simple.

If the lawn looks a bit shaggy and feels too spongy underfoot, it’s time to fire up the mower.

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