3 Brilliant DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids

Getting active in the garden is a great way to teach kids some handy skills - and keep them busy while you get on with your own DIY projects!

Tim Graham, Yard and Garden Guru, has come up with three super-fun backyard ideas for kids.

3 Brilliant DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids

Kids love to play and investigate and are full of questions.

So much so that it can get to the point where they become a little irritating!

While you're busy with your own bumper crop from your beginner vegetable garden, or you’re trying to work out how to build that retaining wall, you hear that little voice behind you.

Rather than tutting and wish they would play in silence and leave you in peace, get your kids involved.

Here are some great examples of DIY ideas the kids can get stuck into.

1. Sandbox Gardens
1. Sandbox Gardens

You children might have outgrown their sandbox, so rather than it being sat in lying around, you can quickly convert this into their own custom raised bed.

With the following items, this can be constructed in next to no time:

• Funky kid’s sandbox
• Weed barrier fabric
• Gravel
• Potting soil
• Starter plants
• Small garden trowel (kid sized)
• Paving slabs

Find a suitable location and place slabs underneath the sandbox. This raises it a little and helps with drainage.

Drill holes in the bottom plastic around 15-20cm apart.

Place weed control fabric in the bottom to prevent weeds making their way through the holes you have drilled.

Spread a good 5cm of gravel over the fabric and then cover with potting soil.

Compost or fertiliser can be added to add more nutrients.

Shallow rooting veggies and herbs are ideal for this such as basil, coriander, mint, radish and lettuce, among others.

Now it's up to the kids to really get dirty and plant their veggies as per your instructions.

To make sure they know what they are, you can have them make their own colourful plant ID tags for each plant.

Kids will be happy to see their own veggies growing in their old sandbox.

Now all they need to do is watch them grow and tend to them.

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