3 Amazing Vertical Pallet Gardens

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This month we are going crazy for timber pallets! Much like our beloved PVC piping, timber pallets are extremely versatile when it comes to DIY. Yes, they are great for moving things around but timber pallets are so much more than transport devices. With some clever upcycling, a timber pallet can be turned into anything from a beautiful bedhead to a trendy coffee table.

Timber pallet coffee table, Handyman Magazine, DIY,
In our August 2015 issue we show you how to make this pallet coffee table 

In the August issue of Handyman magazine, we show you how to upcycle a timber pallet in 4 different ways.
In a further show of our appreciation for timber pallets, we created a Pinterest board called: DIY With Pallets. We consider the board to be a curated list of the coolest and cleverest pallet projects from around the web. It’s been a great source of inspiration and ideas for the Handyman staff and our fellow pinners.
In today’s blog, we want to showcase 3 beautiful vertical gardens that have been made using timber pallets. Vertical pallet gardens are easy to make and don’t require much maintenance, making them a great DIY project for newbies. These gardens have been created by different bloggers and each have their own unique aesthetic.

1. Rustic Planter 

Upcycle that vertical planter garden, Handyman Magazine blog,
This vertical pallet garden has a rustic vibe and is featured on the blog: Upcycle That 


2. Green Garden

Vertical pallet garden from Design Sponge, Handyman Magazine Blog
Green succulents really pop against the colour of this timber pallet. Project by: Design Sponge

3. Diverse Succulents 

Kent Heartstrings Vertical Pallet Planter, Handyman Magazine Blog
 The individual shape of each succulent is celebrated in this garden. Project by: Kent Heartstrings

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