10 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Move heavy items like a pro so you don’t damage them, yourself or your home.

10 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether you’re just rearranging your living room or moving house, shifting furniture can be a big task.

If it’s not done correctly, you can waste a lot of time and energy. Here are a few simple techniques you can use when lugging heavy or awkward items so you don’t wreck your back, your house or the furniture.

1. Hold high and low
1. Hold high and low
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Dressers, tallboys, filing cabinets and bookcases are all awkward pieces to handle, so make it a two-person job.

Tip the item sideways at an angle, then one of you hold the top and the other grip the bottom. This centres the weight and prevents the furniture from swinging out of control.

It also makes carrying it up or down stairs easier, as the angle will roughly match the slope of the steps.

2. Curve chairs

A large armchair can be the opposite of easy to move. Take a tip from pro movers and angle it to get around corners.

Turn the chair onto its side and start moving it back-first through the doorway, then curve it around the door frame and slip it all the way through.

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