10 Simple & Easy Gardening Tips

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Spring is around the corner and most of us will soon be spending a lot more time in the garden.
To celebrate the onset of the gardening season we’ve compiled this list of ten gardening tips that will help you get the job done quickly and effectively. From securing a wheelbarrow load to protecting seedlings, we’ve got you covered.
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1. Sturdy hose reel

Secure your hose reel to a heavy piece of timber to keep it stable when winding- Handyman Magazine
Prevent your hose reel from wobbling by securing it to a heavy timber slab 


2. Secure the load

Secure your load with bungee cords- Handyman Magazine
Make your wheelbarrow easier to use by using bungee cords to secure your load


3. Safe mulching

Cover seedlings with pots to protect them while adding mulch 


4. Protect seedlings

Recycle toilet paper rolls by using them to protect seedlings in the garden 

5. Plant in plastic

Plant seedlings in leftover plastic containers- Handyman Magazine
Plant seedlings in leftover plastic containers 

6. Attach hose fittings

Soften a garden hose with boiling water to make it easier to attach fittings-Handyman Magazine
Save yourself the hassle, soften a garden hose before attaching fittings 

7. Easy-grip bucket

Make bucket handles with a garden hose- Handyman Magazine
Use a garden hose to create easy-grip bucket handles

8. Portable table

Make a potting table for your wheelbarrow using a piece of plywood- Handyman Magazine
Create a portable potting table and get the job done from any spot in the garden


9. Carry tools

Use PVC pipe to make tool holders- Handyman Magazine
Carry tools around the garden with ease by adding tool holders to your equipment

10. Low-budget landscaping 

Set out a garden bed using spray paint and a hose- Handyman Magazine
Use a hose to set out a garden bed and spray paint the outline for easier building 

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