Update A Room With New Lighting

The right lighting can have a major effect on a room by setting the mood, adding warmth and making tasks easier.

By selecting the appropriate fittings for the space, you can highlight design features and brighten gloomy spaces to create an appealing and inviting home that you and your family will enjoy.

Task lighting

Areas of high activity like the kitchen and bathroom or a work area like a study require lighting to illuminate the task at hand.

Spotlights or downlights are ideal for a kitchen, as they prevent shadows over the work area when they are installed en masse.

Use LED strip lights under cabinets in kitchens, surround a bathroom mirror with lights and add desk lamps in a study.

General lighting

Central lights on the ceiling normally provide the majority of the lighting in a room, as it’s the most effective way to light up the space.

Pendant lights are ideal for illuminating kitchen islands and dining tables and can be selected to complement the style of the room.

Install downlights with dimmers in a living area so you can soften the light to create a cosy atmosphere.

pendant lighting in living room, handyman magazine,
Use pendant lights to illuminate focal points like dining tables. Image: Thinkstock

Accent lighting

Smaller lights can add depth to a room by highlighting architectural features or creating contrasting areas of shadow and light. Wall lights are a good choice and are ideally positioned on either side of TVs, paintings or fireplaces.

Table and floor lamps are useful for creating pools of light. Ensure each light is separately controlled to change their effects on the room.

accent lighting in bedroom, handyman magazine,
Avoid harsh light in the bedroom by using lamps for accent lighting. Image: Thinkstock