Tips for choosing the perfect timber floor for your home
Courtesy of Carpet Court

If you are building a new home the slate is clean for you to choose a flooring solution which works with the property’s environment and the home design. For example, if your intent is to create a casually chic look for an open-plan beach house, jarrah timber floors may suggest prestige and formality not laid-back beachy. In a coastal environment you might opt for light oak timbers as found in several of Carpet Court’s timber flooring collections. Consider the natural beauty of Mandalay, the smooth and subtle finish of Whitehaven, or the fresh, flowing textures of Loire, all colours are featured as part of the Riviera Oak range.

If it’s time to replace your old floors and the natural warmth and durability of traditional timber is resonating with you, opt for the woodgrain tones and textures which reflect the existing mood of your home, complementing your colour scheme and décor style.

Which timber floors do that best? As Australia’s leading flooring retailer, Carpet Court note that trending favourites with home renovators include Indus and Bora in the Riviera Oak range. These stunning timber floors artfully blend lightly-spiced natural tones with hints of cool grey for a look which is harmonious with many colour palettes. The broad appeal of the Riviera Oak collection is its ability to create a sense of cohesiveness, bringing all the elements of the room together with casual elegance.

In 2019 interior designers are welcoming back the 1970s theme of pot plants, macramé and natural fibres, albeit in a more sophisticated manner. In keeping with this botanic-infused style, luxurious Riviera Oak timber flooring introduces a ‘forest-floor’ spectrum of colours ranging from chilled-out light colours to the rich depths of darker tones. A series of fresh, cool tones also feature in this collection along with warm honeyed tones in Amalfi and Apostle. The colour diversity evident in this timber flooring collection demonstrates suppliers’ awareness that flooring should contrast or blend with the existing colours and textures within a range of décors.

Carpet Court's Moroccan range

Top of the list ranking can’t-go-wrong favourites are Blackbutt and Spotted Gum in our Stockman’s Ridge range, and for good reason. Reflecting the powerful beauty of the Australian outback, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum display exquisitely textured woodgrain patterns in toasty-warm hues bringing the richness of the Aussie environment into our homes.

While light oak tones are undoubtedly establishing themselves as popular timber flooring colours in 2019, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum have demonstrated their ability to create a solid foundation within many Australian homes. Their skill is in complementing the many and varied shades of white, and not looking too shabby at all in rooms with the green or grey accents of the botanics theme.

Which timber floor will best match with your unique interior style?