Yes, the poo factory at the end of the leash can now help do their part in the war on waste, with the addition of the Tumbleweed Pet Poo Worm Farm.

Instead of thoughtfully disposing of your dog’s organic waste in a plastic bag then into a bin that then gets taken to landfill, the Tumbleweed Pet Poo Worm Farm allows you to put Fido’s organic waste to good use and give it a second life as compost instead.

The Pet Poo Worm Farm is an in-ground worm farm. The worms in your worm farm will break down the pet poo and kitchen scraps and will return these nutrients into the surrounding soil, so there’s no need to harvest the organic compost.

Assemble the worm farm, then position it in a 50cm-wide by 50cm-deep hole in your chosen spot – possibly near a citrus tree or ornamental plants so they can benefit directly from nutrients leeched into the soil.

You will need to add bedding before gently adding your worms. It is recommended you start with 2000 composting worms, which you can also buy from Bunnings.

Once a week, pour approximately five litres of water into the worm farm to maintain a moist environment, and mix in a teaspoon of Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner to keep the pH levels balanced and the worms healthy.

Your worm farm will process approximately four kilograms of organic waste a week, so do your environment a favour and put your worms to work today!

Check out this short video below to see how much a of a difference the Tumbleweed Pet Poo Worm Farm will make to your life, and your environment.