Make Candle Holders Made Of Ice

Make these festive ice candle holders and put them on display for all to admire. The finished size of this candle holder is about 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter and 20 cm (8 inches) high.

Materials List (for one)

Distilled water (freezes the clearest)
Two-litre plastic bottles (rinsed)
Plastic bottles (smaller than the two-litre bottles)
Decorations (ribbons, sticks, berries, ornaments, leaves, etc.)

Step 1

Cut tops off the two-litre and smaller bottle.

Step 2

Fill smaller bottle with rocks and place in centre of two-litre bottle. Slowly fill two-litre bottle halfway with distilled water, making sure the smaller bottle doesn’t float.

Step 3

Place decorations in the water between bottles where desired.

Step 4

Once decorated, slowly fill two-litre bottle with more water, then freeze.

Step 5

Once frozen, remove rocks and smaller water bottle for an open area in the centre to place the candle. Cut off outer layer of two-litre bottle. Place candle or battery operated lights in interior and display.

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