James' Bathroom DIY Renovation

Buying his first home was the impetus for James Illes to pick up tools and begin renovating. After getting quotes of over $7000 to update the bathroom, he chose to revamp it DIY instead.

james bathroom before renovation, handyman magazine,
James redesigned the layout of the bathroom stripping out all fixtures and tiles

‘I thought about it for a while and eventually decided to give it a go myself,’ says James. ‘I’d done smaller projects before and my dad is very handy so he taught me a lot.’

James redesigned the layout of the bathroom, stripping out all fixtures and tiles. He replaced the blue board walls and the old screed, then installed a bath.

James tore out the old shower screen and replaced with a modern glass option

A wall was built for the tub and timber frames for shelving, then James tiled and grouted the floor and walls, before painting. In the end, he completed the stunning reno for just $2100.

James Illes, handyman magazine,
The trick to James successful bathroom tranformation was good tiling skills