Weather Proof Your Home
We show you how to increase the heat efficiency of your home with the application of weatherproof stripping to block drafts.
“Make sure your weatherproofing is up to scratch. Here’s a bit that wasn’t fitted very well. And it does wear out over time, needing replacing.
First take off the old weatherproofing. Most of it should peel off but the bits that don’t we can scrape off. Careful with this, you don’t want to chip the underlying paint. The hard bits that don’t come off require turps.
Because I’m using turps I’ve got my gloves on. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease, and get stuck into it. The turps has removed the adhesive, but I’m going to clean the rest of the doorjamb with sugar soap.
Now the doorjamb is clean, It’s time to apply the weatherproof strip. You want it to sit in the centre, so when the door closes, the door squeezes it flat. To line it up, I’m using low tack tape as a guide.
Here’s the weatherproof stripping, it’s really easy to apply. Just pull off the backing, stick it on up to against your guide and run it down with your finger. Be careful not to stretch the stripping as you apply it. If you do so, it wont last as long.”