Fire pit

In this DIY video from Bosch, big wave surfer Mark Visser shows how to make a portable fire pit using an old washing machine drum.

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Washing machine drums make excellent fire pits, as the many holes throughout the body create plenty of ventilation and allow heat to radiate.

To make this fire pit, the first step is to source a washing machine drum. You can get find one at a recycling centre, or you can remove one from an old washing machine. Purchase three pot plant holders to use as the legs.

Position the legs on the base of the drum and mark the screw holes using a permanent marker. Drill clearance holes using a cordless drill, then secure the legs using bolts and nuts.

Choose a heat-resistant paint, then fill the pot of a paint sprayer, diluting if required. Spray the outside of the drum all over and allow to dry.

Once the paint has dried, the firepit is ready to use.