revamp a table

In this DIY video, we show you how to revamp a plain timber table to create a designer piece of furniture.

First, measure the table and cut a piece of timber veneer or craft ply to size.

Use a sharp new blade and a steel ruler as a guide.

Spray the entire surface of the veneer with contact adhesive, then spray the tabletop and leave them to dry for 15 minutes.

Get a second person to help you lay the veneer on the table top.

Once it makes contact, it can’t be repositioned so take extra care to line up the edges.

Smooth out any bubbles with a plastic broadknife, then lay a sheet of plywood on top and clamp or weigh it down.

Leave it to cure overnight, then trim the edges.

Lightly sand the edges and the top of the table using fine grit sandpaper.

Apply three coats of clear varnish in long, even strokes in the same direction as the grain.

Apply primer to the frame, then apply two coats of paint.

Cut in at the edges with an angled brush and use a roller for large surfaces.

Get the April issue of Handyman for the full step-by-step instructions for this project