Spraying glass jar label residue with Selleys RP7

Glass jars have dozens of uses in the home and garden, including sorting nails and screws, making garden lanterns, creating terrariums or storing spices, nuts and cereal.

Despite their many uses, it’s often very tricky to get the label off a glass jar cleanly and easily.

Most labels are firmly glued to the jar, so they often tear when being peeled off. Even if they are removed cleanly, they usually leave behind a sticky residue that’s very difficult to clean off.

How to remove sticky label residue

You can use Selleys® RP7® to clean sticky label residue off glass jars and bottles, leaving them clean and ready to reuse.

Selleys® RP7® is a multipurpose lubricant, but it is also especially useful for cleaning grime and residue from surfaces.

To remove label residue from glass jars, simply spray the residue with Selleys® RP7® and allow it to penetrate for 5 minutes.

Once it has penetrated, use a cloth to wipe the residue off the glass. It comes off quickly and easily, allowing you to reuse the jar for other purposes.

3 handy uses for glass jars

Glass jars are ideal for storing herbs and spices as they seal tightly to keep the contents fresh, and a large number of evenly sized glasses are easy to organise in a kitchen drawer.

In the workshop, you can use glass jars to sort screws, nails, nuts, bolts and much more. Glass jars are clear, so it’s easy to see the contents at a glance.

Terrariums are a fun way to bring greenery indoors, and interesting and unusual glass jars are perfect for making unique terrariums. Simply remove the label, then add the substrate and plants.

Next time you plan on reusing a glass jar, remove the label residue first using Selleys® RP7®.

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