feature wall

We show you how to paint a feature wall in your home to add contrast and improve the interior of your home.

“I like a lot of white walls. They’re cooling in summer and make your home feel larger. But sometimes a feature wall painted in a single rich colour, can turn a space you don’t often think about, into a place you want to be.

First up, lets clear some space, so I can paint this wall.
Before I jump in and start painting, I’ve got to prep the wall. I’m going to check it over for any cracks, remove any screws and fill the holes with spack filler.
Then I’m going to give the whole wall a good wash down with sugar soap, that’ll remove and grease or grim and give the paint a good chance to stick.
Just a little bit of spack filler and keep it nice and level with the surface. Sugar soap can be a little rough on your hands, so wear some gloves. I’m also going to wear some glasses because I don’t want it in my eyes.
I’m going to start at the top and work my way down to the bottom. Once I’m finished I’m going to rinse it off with clean water.
I’m masking the cornice so I can get nice clean lines. I’m using a low tack tape so when I remove the tape, it doesn’t damage the paint work. If I get the first end on and hold my tape against the wall, I can find my edge by pushing it up and running my finger a long.
The tape is in place, I’m ready to cut in. I’m only going a long the cornice and down the corner, then I’ll be ready to start rolling.
So I’ve started rolling with a medium, matt roller and already you can what difference this colour is going to make to the room.
A rich, dark colour like this will take three coats to make it really work.”