Industrial-Style Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are an ideal storage solution for small rooms, and they’re easy to make and install.

These industrial-style shelves are made from old recycled timber, and feature brackets made from galvanised pipe fittings.

The first step is to prepare the timber. Use a belt sander and a 120-grit belt to remove the rough surface. Then, use a random orbital sander to smooth the timber, using 120, then 180 grit pads. Don’t sand too far, as you want to maintain the character of the timber.

Next, cut 10mm off the ends of the planks to create a neat edge. Measure the wall, and deduct 10mm to make sure the shelves fit, then cut the planks to size with a circular saw.

The next step is to apply the finish. We’re using Danish oil, which brings out the grain of the timber and leaves a matt finish.

Each bracket is made from a threaded 200mm pipe, an end cap, and a flange, which attaches to the wall. To assemble them, just screw them together, then spray paint the brackets with matt black paint

To mount the shelves, find the studs, then mark the bracket positions on the wall. Use a spirit level to make sure the brackets are at the same height, then drill pilot holes into the studs.

If there aren’t any suitable studs, you can use wall plugs to mount the shelves. To install them, pierce the plasterboard with the pointed end of the plug, then drive it in with a screwdriver until it sits flush with the surface.

Each wall plug can only carry 10 kilos, so make sure the total weight of the shelves, brackets and contents doesn’t exceed this amount.

Attach the brackets to the walls using screws through the holes in the flange, driving the screws into the studs or the wall plugs.

Finally, position the planks on top of the shelves, and the job is done!

Get the full instructions for this project in the May issue of Handyman