How To Make A Fruit-Filled Ice Ring

Don’t keep punch cold with regular old ice cubes, take things up a notch by making a fruit-filled ice ring!

Fruit-filled ice rings are super easy to make and always impress guests. All you need is a decorative cake pan or jelly mould, water, fruit and a few mint sprigs.

We suggest using fruit such as cranberries, cherries and oranges and lemons (sliced), but whatever is in season will suffice. Just be sure to choose fruits that are a variety of colours for a better visual effect.

TIP If preparation time for the ice ring is short, just add the water to the pan and arrange the fruit on top. Freeze until solid.

Step 1. Arrange fruit and mint

Lightly coat a decorative tube cake pan or jelly (gelatine) mould with cooking spray; add 1/2 cup (125 ml) water. Arrange fruit and mint in pan. Freeze until solid.

Step 2. Add remaining water

Gently add remaining water; arrange more fruit and mint as desired. Freeze until ready to use.

Step 3. Unmould and float the ice ring

To unmould, wrap bottom of solidly frozen mould in a warm towel until loosened, or dip mould in a pan of warm water. Float ice ring, fruit side up, in a bowl of cold punch.