gravel driveway

Safe, secure parking for our vehicles is important. They are valuable assets and we want to look after them.

The parking space at this site was a sloping gravel area damaged by soil erosion and poor drainage. It was also full of potholes and covered in weeds.

So the area was upgraded to a well-defined, low-maintenance parking area with an even surface where the gravel remained in place.

To create a firm, secure base, a grass and gravel reinforcement system made from plastic pavers that interlock was incorporated.

To prepare the new space, stringlines were set up to mark the layout and the levels of the parking area, and 100mm of roadbase was spread and levelled.

The base was then prepared with Cirtex AluExcel Aluminium Landscape Edging and SurePave Permeable Paving.

On the primary space, the pavers were laid over 25mm of crusher dust. They were then backfilled with roadbase to create a firm gravel finish.

On the two overflow spaces, pavers were laid over 25mm of turf underlay and were then backfilled with more turf underlay before being finished with new turf.

Both areas were firmed and levelled with a plate compactor and the final result is a highly functional and attractive parking area.