skirting boards

In this how-to video from Porta, Ed demonstrates how to install skirting.
Skirting is a decorative board that covers the gap between the floor and the wall.
To work out how much skirting is required, measure all the walls in the room and deduct any openings. If your room is longer than a standard length of skirting, you’ll need to join it with either a butt joint or a splice joint.
Start by cutting one piece at a 90 degree angle and butting it against the wall and against the architrave. Use a scribe joint to perfectly match the profile of the skirting.
To attach the skirting to the wall, you’ll need to find the studs using an electronic stud finder. Drive nails into the flat section of the skirting in line with the studs to secure the skirting.
Once the skirting is fixed in place, apply a gap filler in the gap between the wall and the skirting. Fill nail holes with a non-shrink filler, then the skirting will be ready for painting.