Install a pond the easy way

No garden is complete until you add a water feature. They bring so many benefits including the relaxing sound of water, beautiful reflections, and the opportunity to grow a whole range of stunning plants. You can even add fish and an aquaponics bed to grow herbs and vegies.

We’ll show you how to put together a super simple water feature using off the shelf products, and the best part is, it will take you less than half a day.

There are a couple of things you need to think about before installing a water feature.

If you have kids around, make sure that it’s not too deep. If you’re adding plants like water lilies that need around 30cm of water above their roots to thrive, consider installing underwater safety mesh across the pond.

Also think about the location. Lots of sun is great for flowering lilies, but it can also encourage algae, so you may need to add extra filtering.

Also consider how the pond will look, as it really needs to be integrated into the garden and work with existing landscaping features.

All you’ll need for this project is a preformed pond, a suitable pump, some flexible tubing, and a preformed cascade to create a miniature waterfall. You’ll also need some large stones and several bags of gravel, plus your choice of plants.