hang picture on the wall

We show you how to hang a picture on your wall using screws and picture wire.

“Hanging a picture on a wall is an easy DIY job that many people find themselves faced with when decorating the home.

There’s an art to hanging art. But there are two key things each picture shares. It has to hang straight and it’s got to stay up. Here’s how to do it.

When you’re working with a precious piece of art, you want to be working on a solid bench, with a protective surface.

Now I’m going to use two button head screws and some picture wire. I’m going to put the first screw down and leave up about 5mm. I need some space to wrap the wire around. Now the picture wire. Wrap it around three times and then wrap the end around, the more the better as this is where the strength comes from.

Once you’ve done that, drive the screw home. Cut of the excess then do the same on the other side.

Handy hint, be sure to keep kinks out of the wire as they’ll weaken it. You also want it kind of taught because a picture this heavy is going to stretch the wire.

Well I reckon it looks pretty good there. Now I’ve already measured it, so I know it’s 400 down from the cornice. But to that I have to add the distance from the wire to the top of the picture. That’s 140. So in total, I’ve got 540 down from the cornice to where I’m going to drill.

This picture is pretty heavy, so before I go drilling holes, I’ve got to find a stud. I already know it’s going to 540 down so I’m going to tap along and when the sound changes, there’s my stud.

Measure that. Mark it.

Because of the weight of the picture instead of using a hook I’m using a screw.

I’m going to leave it out 5mm to put the picture wire over.”