bamboo hedge

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, making it perfect for creating an instant hedge to block out unsightly views.

There’s a lot to consider when planting a bamboo hedge, but the most important thing is to select clumping bamboo, not running bamboo.

Clumping bamboo is escape-proof, so it won’t send out lots of side shoots that will take over your garden.

It’s also important to choose a type of bamboo that grows to the height you need, but luckily there are countless varieties to choose from.

In a temperate climate, you can expect to have a big enough hedge to provide screening in about 18 months.

Before planting, cultivate the soil and work in compost and lawn fertiliser, as bamboo is actually a grass.

These bamboo plants are spaced about 1.2 metres apart. Check the recommended spacing for the type of bamboo you’re planting.

Build up a watering dish from soil around the plants and water well. Keep the bamboo well watered for the first month until the plants are established.

When new shoots start to form, you’ll know you’re on your way to having a fantastic new hedge.