Scribe Joint

In this how-to video from Porta, Ed explains how to create a scribe joint for making perfect internal corners when installing skirting boards.

To create the internal corner of your skirting boards, you have two choices. You can use a mitre joint, but in the likely event that your walls aren’t square, you’ll be left with a gap.

A better method is a scribe joint. To create a scribe joint, leave one end of one piece square, and on the other end of the other piece, cut a 45 degree angle.

Cutting at a 45 degree angle creates a shape that then needs to be cut out. Clamp the timber in a vice and cut along the edge of the moulding at a slight angle, following the shape of the edge.

This creates a tight joint that won’t reveal a gap, even if the wall isn’t square.

For more intricate moulding, the procedure is the same, but the cutting is slightly different. Cut the straight section of the cut with a handsaw, then use a coping saw to carefully follow the curves of the timber to create a matching piece. Clean up the cut with sandpaper if required.

TIP: Ensure you cut at a slight angle so the back surface of the moulding doesn’t foul on the face. This also allows for discrepancies for a wall that’s out of square.