Fairy garden

“Every body knows there’s fairies in the garden. If you just stay still and look long enough in the right places you’re sure to find them.

In our garden, there are lots of places for faires to hide but I thought I’d give them somewhere special to hang out.

All you need are some places that are just fairy perfect, potting mix, a nice big pot, a few odds and ends and maybe a bit of help from a grown up.

First off, you need the right spot for your fairy garden. I got Dad to put our pot in a nice shady, quiet corner.

I drew a little plan of ours. It’s really just an idea of what we want to include. So there’s going to be a waterfall, a bridge, a little cottage, a tree and lots of lovely little plants.

Start by filling your pot with potting mix and patting it all down as you go so it doesn’t sink. Now we put in a pot for our waterfall. This is where our water comes from and goes to. Then I just put my little, low voltage pump in here and run the cord out the back. Put the pot above the soil. That’s so dirt and stuff don’t wash in.

Dad drilled this rock for the waterfall for me. So the pipes run in here and once it is going it should come out the top like a real little waterfall.

Time to put our little plants in. Here’s some grassy ones to play and hide in. A tree to lay under and climb and some beautiful flowers. These are violas and native rock daisies.

Getting close to done, but we still need a few more things yet. I wanted a cottage for my fairy friends, so Dad made this one for me.

For the rest of my work, I’m going to get some help from my friend. We need a little groove for the pond. The fabric stops the pebbles from sinking into the potting mix. And of course a bridge. We bought this one from the aquarium shop. And a little path.

We need something like a lawn too. These Baby’s tears are just perfect. So soft. All we need is a bit of mulch. Oh! And a welcome sign and our fairy’s garden is open for business.

What do you think? I reckon our fairy friends’ll love it. See ya next time and happy gardening.”