Clean paved area

We show you how to clean a paved outdoor area by killing weeds and washing bricks and pavers.

“Paving in this condition around the house doesn’t look good and in the winter months can get really slippery and dangerous. So first, we need to get rid of all these weeds.

When you’re using a weed sprayer, you don’t want to be breathing it in, so make sure you’ve got one of these. When you’re spraying the leaves, make sure you give it a good, liberal coat. It’s going to take a good five days to kill the weeds, but make sure you don’t get them wet within the first six hours and don’t get it on any plants that you want to keep.

Now the weeds are dead, it’s time to grab a shovel and start scraping them up.

High pressure water it a really efficient method of cleaning. Just check with your local water authority there are no restrictions.”